Digital Dalmatia meetups

ML/AI Split - Machine learning meetup


The ML/AI meetup is held every month, and it focuses on the topics of machine learning and artificial intelligence. It is organized by the ICT County, and every month, it gathers over 30 visitors who, after interesting lectures, stay and socialize, enjoying the pleasant atmosphere of the PICS lounge area where the meetup takes place. For more information about the meetup, click on this link HERE. There, you can find out all about our upcoming events and confirm your arrival.

Partner meetups

Women in Tech Split

"Women in tech meetup Split - prvi meetup u Splitu koji na mjesečnoj razini okuplja djevojke i žene koje su kroz studij, posao, volontiranje ili hobi aktivne u ICT sektoru (ili to žele postati). Svaki meetup sastoji se od predavanja/radionice kojim se prenose iskustva i znanja žena koje su se već usmjerile prema ICT zanimanjima, nakon čega slijedi neformalno druženje i networking."


SPU Unreal Engine 

"This group aims to gather developers, film makers, architects, product designers, and general CG enthusiasts in one place to exchange experiences and ideas in using Epic's Unreal Engine in their work. If you are (or would like to be) working with Unreal Engine and want to learn more, or if you are looking for Unreal Engine experts to expand your business, join the group and come to our Meetups!"



"Networking is the main core of every business and the initial purpose of Tinel is providing everyone, from students to experts, a chance to share experiences, ideas, swap contacts and meet new people. We are hoping to launch Tinel as the premier meetup and the best place for business networking in Split."


Other IT gatherings

OpenCoffee Split

"OpenCoffee Split is an informal group created with the aim of bringing together people with similar interests related to the IT industry and encouraging members to socialize, exchange ideas, collaborate on projects, etc. Stop by, inspire, motivate and get to know each other!"

Mobile monday Split

"A group of mobile developers and enthusiasts, looking for some fresh ideas and knowledge. Of course, nothing without some new friendships and drinkups!"

Internet marketing

"A group for everyone involved in internet marketing in Split. Everyone is welcome: professionals working in agencies, employees working in their companies on internet marketing campaigns, freelancers and everyone who wants to learn more about internet marketing. The plan is to hold monthly meetings. where they could socialize in an informal atmosphere with coffee / beer and exchange experiences. "

Split DevOps Meetup

"This is a informal gathering for everyone interested in the dark art of DevOps, systems, automation and security."

Split QA meetup

"The group organizes and encourages regular gatherings with a focus on QA topics, testing and software development from a quality perspective. Testival in small, a couple of times a year, in Split. In addition to more or less quarterly meetups, we also organize monthly informal QA gatherings, QAve;) "

Atlassian User Group

"This is the place where local Atlassian users come together to network, share experiences & ideas, solve problems and find new ways to integrate and use Atlassian products in their work. Share your best practices in agile methods, team work, continuous delivery & integration as well as dev ops. To round this up the user group provides you with cold beer, pizza and Atlassian swag to giveaway."

AWS User Group Split

"The goal of this group is to gather software developers from the area of Split who are interested in developing applications for the AWS cloud platform. Everyone is welcome, regardless of knowledge and experience. Group goal is to spread knowledge about the AWS platform, cloud development, cloud principles architecture, design of highly accessible scalable applications, serverless applications and everything else on that track. "

IT Pub Quiz

"Split IT Pub quiz with classic quiz categories (history, geography, sports, etc.) but with IT questions."