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DigitalDalmatia – local IT startup scene in Split and Dalmatia!

The road to a successful community is arduous and made up of a myriad of individual success stories.
This portal is a community of people who show us by example that it is possible to succeed.
Join them and motivate others by showing them your work and results!

WHAT IS DD?  A unique overview of the IT startup scene in Split and the County

WHAT IS IT FOR?  Connecting the startup scene, presenting startup projects, looking for new team members, first contact with potential investors

WHAT ELSE?  In the background, there is also a database with a detailed description of the project, market assessment, and business plan for connecting with potential investors that your startup can also end up on the list and you can connect with the startup community


WindWard is a cloud-based, interactive platform for the management and administration of nautical clubs, organizing and monitoring regattas, and intelligent monitoring of equipment and costs.


Web application for digitization of teaching and non-teaching business processes of higher education institutions.


Plaja - Beach Finder is a free mobile application that allows users to quickly, easily and efficiently search the beaches in their vicinity.

Helm Order Monitor

Helm Order Monitor (IP submitted) is the first technological solution to the problem of insufficient control of steering commands between helmsmen and pilots or navigators on ships.

Get Work

Get Work® is a mobile application with the mission of connecting traditional offerings with growing and modernized customer requirements - with just one click it connects the supply and demand of services in any city via an interactive map.


Greeenbox is a three-in-one solution with LED display as digital advertising and intelligence space, contactless disinfestant dispenser and appropriate system for monitoring the filling of containers and space for electronic waste disposal.


EasyOil is an automatic billing system for gas stations, where there is no waiting in line and no wasting time.


Entertainment drive in module is a custom cinema for easy use