Product name: GiveNGet


GiveNGet is a unique and fun exchange platform that uses advanced technologies to connect users who match in their offers and wishes. Offer what you want to exchange, make a list of your wishes, and simply - exchange!

GiveNGet is more than just an exchange platform; it's a vibrant community where people come together to help each other while utilizing cutting-edge technology.

What can you expect from the new GiveNGet platform?

  1. Simple Exchange: Say goodbye to unnecessary clutter and discover something new for yourself in just a few steps, without spending money.
  2. Connect with People: Meet new individuals and build strong relationships through shared exchanges.
  3. Detailed Ad Descriptions: Provide detailed descriptions of your items, complemented by additional filters, so that other users know exactly what to expect.
  4. User Ratings: Trust the ratings from fellow users to make informed decisions about exchanges.
  5. Enhanced Matching: We've upgraded our technology to connect you with the best offers.

Whether you're looking for something specific, want to offer your skills, or wish to see what's available for your items, our platform makes all of this easy and efficient.

Founded: 2021.

Company name: Aba net d.o.o.

Team leader: Duje Blažević

Team members:

Josipa Blažević, Project manager
Ena Lončarić, Marketing
Ivona Klepo, Sales and customer support
Duje Blažević, Founder