GROWit Accelerator

GROWit Accelerator

Program aimed at encouraging IT entrepreneurship in the Split-Dalmatia County.


What is the purpose of the GROWit Accelerator?

Encouraging the development of the IT sector by supporting entrepreneurs in the initial stages of development of innovative IT products, as well as strengthening the competitive presence of existing entrepreneurs on the market and raising the level of entrepreneurial knowledge and skills.  

Who is it intended for?


Entrepreneurs (sole proprietorships, limited liability companies, or simple limited liability companies) who, by producing added value ​​in the field of information technology and increasing the offer of IT products, have a positive impact on the economic development of the Split-Dalmatia County


Category 1

Startups in the initial stage of development

  • up to two years old
  • in the process of developing an IT product or service
  • based in the Split-Dalmatia County

Category 2

Startups in a later stage of development

  • from two to five years old
  • in the process of growing and developing an innovative IT product or service
  • based in the Split-Dalmatia County

Activity schedule

Lecture 1 Everything about startup administration
Lecture 2 Marketing strategy for entering foreign markets
 Finalists The list of finalists will be published online
GROWit Day 1 GrowIT Demo Day Final pitch
GROWit Day 2 GrowIT Award Ceremony
Activity schedule

How to apply?

Applications are to be submitted online using the link to the call for applications published on the official website of the Split-Dalmatia County. 


At the proposal of the Commission, based on the ranking list of the best-rated finalists, the County Governor adopts the grant decision, which will be published on the County Following its publication, all applicants are to be considered informed of the results of the call for applications.
Following the publication of the results of the call for applications, the applicants enter into a grant agreement detailing their rights and obligations with the County.


Frane Šesnić (Zagrebački inovacijski centar)
Jan Jilek (Adria regija)
Stephanie E. Trpkov (Svjetska banka)
Miro Hegedić (Lean Startup Hrvatska)
Martin Bućan (Splitsko-dalmatinska županija)
Filip Stipančić (Lean Startup Hrvatska)
Stevica Kuharski (Fil Rouge Capital)
Renata Brkić (Feelsgood Capital partners)
Željko Švedić (GemBox i Test Dome)
Dejan Orešković (01 Content&technology- C3 Croatia)

Demo Item - Text w/ Image

Demo Item - Text w/ Image

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Awards for category 2

For the 3 best startups 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize:

250.000,00 kn,  200.000,00 kn  i  100.000,00 kn