Product name: Soundscaper


Exploring tourist locations with a classic guide often turns out to be expensive and unsuitable for the individual.  So, tourists start researching on their own, become overwhelmed with all kinds of information on the Internet and do not know which ones are of good quality and which ones are not.  Also, they constantly determine their location through Google Maps, which is sometimes unreliable and clumsy because they are constantly switching between the browser and Google Maps during that.  Tourists do not remember mobile audio guides at all. They are poorly marketed, or tourists simply associate them only with museums.  The existing selection of mobile audio guides is not the happiest - most of them are monotonous and do not have automatic location recognition.

Our product is designed as a mobile audio guide that automatically recognizes your location and, based on it, plays appropriate descriptions and directs you to the next locations.  It is possible to adjust the speed of listening to the descriptions, to replay it and pause it. An additional value that distinguishes it from classic guides is audio augmented reality.  Tourist will hear ambient sounds that are characteristic of the era and the locality where he are during the entire tour.  Ambient sounds fully evoke the mood and atmosphere and actually enrich your experience of reality.

Founded: 2023.

Company name: Soundscaper d.o.o.

Team members:
Marjan Sikora, programiranje, GIS, audio
Marino Jurić, programiranje, dizajn
Matej Vuko, programiranje, AAR
Klara Bruna Tomić, programiranje, marketing